Delivering a letter full of emotions.

Wedding is one hell of a perfect blend of human emotions. Thousands of thoughts crossing each other like a busy highway on a Monday morning. From “Am I looking great” to “Finally, I’m marrying him”, it all goes through one’s head. Thousands of little stories brew together to finally unleash a new chapter of this long tale. Mothers checking their daughters getting dressed up for the big day; the strongest of fathers, welled up, waving off their princess; or the notorious brothers wiping off their sisters’ tears; the three-generations dancing to the same tunes of modernity, we have all seen it unfold, haven’t we?

It’s a dream of every girl to look the most beautiful on her big day but what could be more joyous than to look beautiful and at the same time, marry the guy she loves. Amidst getting all dressed up and ready for the saga, her heart would still crave to find her prince in the same room, talking and watching their own little baby dream come to reality.

The commitments made years ago finally turn official in front of the sacred fire. With every round the duo makes around the sacred fire, they just want to jump and hug each other with excitement of making their long-lived dream come true.

Despite ‘love’ being the most beautiful emotion, we still have to struggle to get it out in the world where you’re mocked for being what you are or accepting what you love. But that one moment, when all the struggle starts to make sense and you find that it was all worth it, is what Weddings are all about!

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