mother kissing bride on wedding

When I started wedding photography, I had this question that kept playing in my head – “Why do I want to shoot weddings?”

Back then, I didn’t really have a proper reason for it but now after 2 years of shooting weddings, I can proudly say that it’s because of those little moments of happiness that I witness during a wedding, which fills my heart both with joy and tears.

Weddings are not just union of two souls, families or re-union of far-away family members, but it is also a reunion of the members of the family who live together but are never able to express their emotions to each other.

As we grow old day by day, a bit of awkwardness seeps in between us and our parents. And unlike childhood, it becomes difficult to show our love and feelings, and tell them how much we care for them.

And then a moment arrives in life, it could be a new job offer, promotion or probably something like a wedding and without giving a second thought, we jump to them, hug them or even kiss them and in that particular moment, we re-live our childhood. We feel blessed to have them with us and I don’t think there is any better feeling in this world than this.

And to be able to witness and capture such micro-moments, makes me feel special and blessed.

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